Mexican Liability Insurance for those that are not members of Bush Pilots International

Mexican Liability Insurance for Aircraft


The Baja Bush Pilots have the necessary licenses and Mexican underwriters to provide Mexican Liability insurance for your aircraft as required by Mexican law and in a special arrangement with our Mexican underwriters, we now can offer this insurance via the Internet 24/7. The certificate is in both English and Spanish so that there is no question as to what your certificate covers when asked on either side of the border.
If you are a Current Member of the Bush Pilots, you will automatically receive a member discount from the public price.  A Current Member is defined as one who is current with their annual dues.

To purchase insurance for an aircraft that is less than 50 years old:
Go the "Mexican Insurance" and then "click here to purchase insurance now".  Upon purchase completion, a summary and link will appear to download your policy and it will also be emailed to the email of record.

To purchase insurance for an aircraft that is 50 years or older:

We have made special arrangements to insure aircraft 50 years or older.  To purchase, go to "click here to purchase insurance now". Once you have completed it, (including payment) the program will notify you to send a copy of your US insurance "declaration page" to us.  We will send this along with your new Mexican policy information to our underwriter in Mexico.  
Once approved, they will notify us to send you your Mexican Certificate of Insurance.  Your Certificate will come from us via email.
Turn around is normally less than two days.
If for whatever reason your application for Mexico is denied, your CC charge for insurance will be canceled.

Email your US policy dec. page to  

We have worked long and hard to provide this service to our members with "older aircraft"  As a continuing benefit for our members, we are not charging anything extra for this special service

Should you need to have another copy of your policy at any time there after, email the office and we will send (email) you another copy at no charge.

Note:  Your US Insurance policy may cover your liability requirements in Mexico.  Check with your agent to confirm.

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