Airport Preservation

In 2000, Mexico had about 1,200 airports/airstrips of which 88 were International and/or paved and about 1,100 were unimproved (gravel, dirt, grass, etc.)

In the past twelve years, those numbers have changed….

The paved and international airports have remained about the same however the number of unimproved airstrips has plummeted.

In fact, Mexico has lost about 500 unimproved airstrips in those past twelve years.  And Baja has a larger percent of these “lost” airstrips then those on the mainland.  Given that Baja is typically hit by at least one hurricane per year, this presents a very real problem providing emergency food, medicine, and supplies to remote areas in the event of a disaster.

The biggest reason for the closure of these small unimproved airstrips is the lack of information, paperwork and the costs associated for this paperwork.

The Bush Pilots, through the Bush Pilot Foundation, plan to use moneys from the Foundation to assist the small communities in need of help to reopen these critical strips by providing information and resources that they need to keep our critical airstrips open for all to use and enjoy.

The Bush Pilots anticipate that they will be looking at the list of closed airstrips, target one at a time, and work with the owners to get them registered and open again.  Costs will depend on what is needed however, in most cases; work will be done through our contacts in Mexico City.

It is time to stop the closure of these critical airstrips.  The Mexican Government has rules and regulations that must be followed, the owners have the strip but not the resources, and the Bush Pilots, through contributions to the Foundation, will have the resources to help make it happen.

If you believe in keeping the small airstrips in Mexico open, step up to the plate.  It will take money to make this happen.  Your donations will help to insure that remote airstrips in both Baja and the mainland are accessible by air.  

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The Bush Pilot Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all contributions are tax deductible.

The air strips most mentioned by members that need assistance are:

Bay of LA
Bahia de las Ballenas (Campo Rene)
Todos Santos
Punta Pescadero

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