Changes to Book, Guide

Changes to 2020 Airport Book, Guide
Mainland Mexico
   MTMP  Tower Frequency ForeFlight indicates 118.2. Via NOTAM Freq is 118.3.  Our Airport book is correct.
  MMPE  This is Puerto Penasco however, the offical name has been changed to Mar de Cortez

Things have changed.  All services for GA at GA Ramp
Book lists this pista as XGNA.  That is wrong.  It's license is good for some 30 years +-

Cheat Sheet

Approach Freq is 120.3 (not 120.5)

Costa Rica
          Is no longer International
      MRMR, Samara
          ID MRSR is incorrect
          Correct name is San Alberto
CBP Port Phone Number change
   Edinburg Texas
         Phone number is now 956 292 2047 (after hour 956 522 3580)

   MPHR  (Rio Hato)

         New International Airport.  Small, chould be quick and easy

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