Mission of the Bush Pilots International

The Bush Pilots International mission is to provide the following to both US and foreign pilots

  • Products and support for flights in both the US and foreign countries
  • To organize recreational group flights in the US and foreign countries
  • Provide for greater safety and simpler requirements by working with foreign countries
  • To provide Search & Rescue as well as Humanitarian Aid in foreign countries
  • To maintain a base of members to fund our activities to provide these services

Industry Involvement, Public Speaking

Jack McCormick, Founder and Owner of McCormick Systems, a Construction estimating software company and President of Baja Bush Pilots, speaking at the "Amigos de la Aviation" meeting in Morelos MX in 2003.

Speakers included the Director and Sub-Directors of Mexico's DGAC, US FAA, and the Baja Bush Pilots.

In his presentation, McCormick introduces a program new Mexican "Multi Entry" Authorization for GA aircraft.

The program included changing the current “single entry permit” with a “Multi Entry Permit” so that foreign aircraft can cross into mexico multiple times without paying for authorization each time.

Other issues on the agenda were standardizing pricing general aviation aircraft operating in Mexico.  

Results: The "Multi Entry" process was approved and is now the standard practice.


The United States Department of Homeland Security created a requirment that all general avaition flights into the United States are required to complete a EAPIS.  Electronic Advanced Passenger Information System. 

The Baja Bush Pilots have provided a custom simplfied EAPIS portal that links directly to the U.S. DHS system to keep General Avation simple for members of the Baja Bush Pilots. 

Click here to see a sample US/MX manifest 

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