Friends of the Bush Pilots International

The following have joined the Bush Pilots Intl. as Associate Members. The Bush Pilots Intl. wish to thank them for their support of the BPI as well as supporting general aviation in Mexico. The BPI encourages you to use the services of these Associate Members.
If you have a favorite place or service that you believe should be a Bush Pilot Intl. Associate Member, have that place/service contact me and I will send the paperwork to get them signed up.

Alamos, Sonora

Hacienda de Los Santos
10% discount on Rooms & Suites, Breakfast, Ground Transportation to and from MM-45 and Hangar Parking (usually available) are complimentary.  Reservations email Jim at , call toll-free from the US 888-777-0164

Hotel Casa de Los Tesoros
10% off rooms & suites 011-52-647-428-0010

Cerocahi, Chihuahua
Mision Hotel:
10% off rooms, food. 800/896-8196

Copper Canyon, Chihuahua (Divisadero)
Hotel Posada Barrancas Mirador:
10% off rooms, food. 800/896-8196

el Fuerte, Sinaloa
Hotel Posada Hidalgo:
10% off rooms, fishing. Drop in or 800/896-8196

Hotel Oasis

15% off rooms, fishing.  Drop in or toll free from US 800 624 9449


Hotel Mision
15% off rooms, 10% of meals.  Reservations must be made direct to hotel or drop in or 800 877 5352

Posada de las Flores
10% off rooms, food. Drop in or 877/245-2860 (some blackout days)

Los Barriles, BCS (area)

Punta Pescadero:  (paved airstrip)

10% Discount; Special group rates available

Drop in, call US Toll free: 1-866-332-4442 or visit: or

Click here for special flier

Los Mochis, Sinaloa
Hotel Santa Anita:
10% off room. Drop in or 800/896-8196

Meling Ranch, Baja Norte 
Meling Ranch
10% off room.  Drop in or e-mail from their website  (airstrip is closed)

Mulege, BCS 
Hotel Las Casitas:
10% off rooms. Drop in or 011-52-615-153-0019

Hotel Serenidad
10% off rooms. Drop in or 011-52-615-153-0530  (airstrip)

Punta Chivato
Posada de las Flores Punta Chivato
10% off rooms, food. Drop in or 877/245-2860 (some blackout days) (airstrip)

San Quintin, BCN

Land at Campo Lorenzo

Nogales, AZ

Tiffin Aviation Services:
(US AOE) 520/287-9120
Cash price less 5 cents gallon for fuel on CC sales, min 20 gallons
(great place for your first hamburger when back in the States)

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