eAPIS Information

The above listed countries require all aircraft entering and/or departing their Countries to file an Advanced Passenger Information System Report (APIS)

If an APIS is not filed and a notice of receipt has not been received by the pilot 60 minutes prior to departure, the pilot may be subject to major fines and/or penalties.

Mexico requires that any aircraft entering Mexico have proof of liability insurance. Some US insurance policies include this insurance and some do not.  If you do not have the correct insurance, your aircraft will be grounded until you can provide proof that your insurance is valid or until you purchase the required insurance.
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Mexico also requires that your aircraft registration have a current registration.  Check your registration certificate to confirm that there is an expiration date on it and that you are current.  If you are not current, Mexico will ground your aircraft until you obtain a current one.


As a service to our current Members, we are providing United States and Mexican APIS service at no charge.  

All fields (other than the ones that are optional) must be filled out.  Your name on the Manifest is exactly the same as on your Passport.  If it is not, you must edit it.  In the program you have the ability to edit your name prior to continuing.

To use this form, the quick and easy rules are as follows:
1)  That the pilot in command must be a current BBP member. The cost is US$49 dollars a year, to join or renew your membership, Click here 
2)  That only one submittal is required per departure
3)  That submittal is instant and you should get both departure/arrival notices within several minutes of submitting.  (you do not have to submit -24 hours in advance and again 60 minutes prior to departure)
4)  That you must wait at least 60 minutes after receiving departure notice before departing.   
5)  That you cannot cancel, change, etc a manifest once submitted.  If you add a PAX or change a date, you must resubmit a new manifest (which can be edited on our website)
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