Baja Bush Pilots Google Map

Baja Bush Pilots Google Map

Baja Bush Pilot Google Airport Map 
Welcome to the Baja Bush Pilot Google Map. This map is setup to work with the Airports of Mexico and Central America 23rd Edition.
You can also upgrade to the "Adventure Kit".  (click link to see details) 

  Airports Of Mexico And Central America 23rd Edition.       

Each airport in the BBP Google Map is listed in the Airports of Mexico and Central America flying Guide. 

To zoom in and out.. "double left or right click" or "roll" mouse when hovering over google map. Check back from time to time as we add information and updates. 

We will be adding photos over the next period of time. If you would like to donate any photos to the BBP or find any errors please email 

Notes. When operating on a ipad you must use Google Chrome and have the Google Maps app downloaded on your device. 

Check with Airport of Entry for approval to land aircraft at all airports listed. 

Copyright 2017. Not to be used for flight, for reference only. 

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