"The BBP Report"

The BBP Report


Not much different than us in the U.S., Mexico law experiences changes on a consistent basis. Some changes are very much their own and others are changes brought on by ICAO laws and in some cases by U.S. "prompting". Regardless of where they come from however, they happen and it's something that we must all adjust to both in our own country and abroad.

As a private aviation organization our goal is to navigate the waters of change in such a way that works toward the least complicated solutions, striving toward maintaining dissemination of information that is confirmed, as accurate as possible, and helpful to the general aviation public so as to not promote more panic or doubt than already is spread through other sources.

We thank our members for their support and together, we hope to work toward keeping as much of the fun and ease as possible, of flying to Mexico and other countries, as we adjust to all the new changes and requirements. Attached you will find the start of a series of reports on which we are working diligently and passionately. We are moving forward with optimism and enthusiasm, building and maintaining reciprocal positive relationships with the various organizations involved in carrying out the tasks at hand.

Change is inevitable and to grow, it must happen. However these changes may manifest, we as an organization, with your support, commit to continue to work hard to help make the transitions and changes easier to adjust to.

The following reports that the BBP has written are posted for your review.

     Airports are Closing

     Use of Unauthorized Airports

     Flying for Hire

     Multi-Entry Authorization

     Mexico is checking US DB for current registrations

     Mexican eAPIS

     Charging overtime for commercial flights, Immigration





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