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The following information is not to be used for flight and is for reference only

Changes to airports/airstrips are as reported to us from many sources and may

or may not be correct.

If you see a change to an airport, please inform us so that we can verify and


Please note that we will not be posting airports closed or open due to licensing

as licensing is in a constant state of change.

Airports with four letter identifiers in caps are ICAO airports (identified by the

International Civil Airport Organization)

Airports with three letter identifiers in lower case are IATA airports (established

by Mexico)

ICAO Airports:

MMCC:   Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila

No Fuel

MMCG:   Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua

Changed to ICAO airport.

Lat: N32.23.5

Long: W107.52.32

Elevation: 4,758 feet

Length: 5,886

Width 65

Surface Paved

Runways 13/31

Notes: Military adjacent, expect to pay about $20 per

night for live-in watchman.

MMCV:   Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas

Airport is now International

MMML:  Mexicalli, Baja Norte

New number, Tel/Fax: 686 553 5071


MMPQ/PQE: Palenque, Chiapas

New Airport coordinates:
Lat:  17 31' 58.6"

Long: 092 56' .1249"

Jet A and Avgas available

Temporary Status: NOT International

They are working on acquiring international status. Hopeful for mid 2016.

Plate and information provided by airport. Click here for instrument procedures (approach plates)


MMPE:   Punta Penasco (Rocky Point)  
New name:   Mar de Cortez

Change: Moved to new location (11/5/09)

Lat: N31.21.7

Long: W113.18.20

Elevation: 71 feet

Length: 8,398

Width 150

Surface Concrete

Runways 18 / 36

Approach, Tower, Ground: 118.85

VOR Freq: 114.90

Instrument Approaches are now listed in Jeppesen and


MMQY:  Queretaro, Queretaro

Change Airport has moved to new location

Lat: N20.37.0

Long: W100.11.1

Elevation: 6,296

Length: 11,483

Width 150

Surface Concrete

Runways 1

Telephone: 555 557 1955

From old airport VOR is at old location

Heading: 091

Distance: 10 nautical

Notes: Has a FBO, quick in and out for a fee.

(really expensive, not real “little airplane

people” friendly.

MMSC:  San Cristobal, Chiapas


MMSF:  San Felipe, Baja Norte

New Phone number: Tel/Fax: 686 577 1368

Email hcastane@sct.gob.mx (Hortencia)

MMSL:  Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur

Was an IATA airport, now an ICAO airport. (was MM15)

Now International during regular hours, 24 hour notice required.
New Telephone number is   624 124 55 00 or 624 143 0120

MMTM:  Tamuin, San Luis Potosi

Tel/fax 489 388 0345

Fuel, has AvGas & Jet A


MMZC:   Zacatecas, Zacatecas

VOR: 117.6

Tower: 118.0

No common frequency

IATA Airports:

adb:   Divisadero Barrancas, Chihuahua

Change: Closed

Note: Use extreme caution if landing there.

One way strip high elevations, gusty winds.

asn:  Alfonsina's, Baja Sur
Correct length of runway is 2,270

bax:   Bahia de los Angeles, Baja Norte
Closed due to lack of permit

blm:   Bahia de Los Angeles Muños, Baja California North

Change: Airstrip closed

bls:   Bahia de las Ballenas, Baja Norte

Also listed in some guides as Campo Rene

bsu:   Bahia Asunción, Baja Norte

Change: Great site for info

Notes: www.bajabnb.com

ddm:   El Diamante Del Mar, Baja California

Change: Surface – concrete

gac:   San Carlos, Sonora (Aero Club @ Guymas)

Change: Status – Airstrip temporarily closed by owner Feb 2009

grn:   Guerrero Negro, Baja Sur

Joint civilian / Military

Tower freq: 123.3

Change: Fuel – not for sale to the public

lzb:   Campo Lorenzo, San Quintin, Baja CA

Change: New Airport Info (June 06)

Tel/Fax: 616 165 6022 or 909 581 4140

Lat: 30.29.22

Long: 115.58.40

Elevation: 10 feet

Length: 2,500’

Width: 60’

Surface: Packed dirt

Runways: 10 / 28

Notes: Larry (Lorenzo) is the owner

Email: campolorenzo@hotmail.com

Website: www.campolorenzo.com

Power lines on approach on 28 have been removed

psf:   Punta San Francisquito, Baja California

Date: May 08

Change: Management and improvements May 08

Notes: The Valladolid family will no longer be administrating.

It is now in the hands of Baja Fabrications.

You may contact Enrique Leon Valladolid at

619 819 5585 or bf-bajafabrications@hotmail.com

rvn:   Bahia Tortugas, Baja Norte

Change: Runways

Runways: 11 / 29

rcx:  Rancho San Cristobal
more commonly known as Laguna San Ignacio
Change: New contact info for aerodrome and owner
 Jorge Peon - info@aridabajahotel.com.mx
www.aridabajahotel.com.mx  011 52 615 107 9593

Our long-standing Whale watchin operator info:
Ecoturismo Kuyima 011 52 615 154 0070


sjg:  Meling Ranch, Baja California

Change: Contact Info

US 619 328 0386

Mex 646 174 4488


sma:  San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

Change: Open


Lat: 20.54.51'

Long: 100.42.16'

Elevation: 6,671

Length: 5,111

Width 160

Surface Dirt

sqa:  San Pedro de la Cueva

Runway is now identified as 18/36
Elevation is 1,211
Width is 40'

tuy:  Tulum, Quintana Roo
Airport is closed, military use only.


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