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BBP Group Trips
Current Trips   Days Status
May 2'14 Sun & San Felipe Beach Party 3 Open
 ------- Cuba 2014 7 Not Open
Past Trips      
Apr 12 '14 Dogs at Pegasus 1 Completed
Mar 6 '14 Whales 2014 4 Completed
Jan 6, 14 CenAm / Cuba 2014 10 Completed
Oct 13 '13 BBP Post AOPA Trip 5 Completed
Sep 27 '13 Sun & San Felipe Beach Party 3 Completed
Jun 29 '13 Cirrus O & P Migration (Mobile AL) 1 Completed
Apr 19 '13 Serenidad Flyin 3 Completed
Apr 13 '13 Pancakes @ Pegasus 1 Completed
Mar 14 '13 Whales 2013 (Loreto) 4 Completed
Jan 16 '13 CenAm 20113 10 Completed



Sun & San Felipe Beach Party
Departs May 2
Returns May 4
Status: Open

 We are doing it again....  you are invited to a weekend of Sun, Sand, and Fun in the beachside city of San Felipe. 
And as last year, SENAM, DGAC, Immigration, and Customs have agreed to allow the Bush Pilots to provide handling i.e. the BBP will be in the Tower to greet you, on the ground to help you park, in the terminal to do your flight plans, multi-entry form, (if needed) as well as collect for your aircraft expenses.
So, with the “almost free” trip price, the coordination by the Bush Pilots, the ease of entry at the airport, and the special pricing downtown, the decision to do this trip is a no brainer.

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Cuba 2014
Status:  Not open yet

Charming, Adventurous, Colorful, Exciting, Exotic, Fascinating, Passionate, Enchanting, Musical, Forbidden, Prohibited…. and we have a license for you to go.
Join Jack, Claudia, and other BBP members as we add another page of adventure, fun, and laughter into our book of memories as we do our second group trip into the magical country of Cuba.
Because you cannot legally take your aircraft into Cuba and even if so, the price is too prohibitive, we are leaving our airplanes at home for this trip and will meet up in Miami where we will take a charter flight to Habana…..
And once there, it will be seven days and six nights of exploring the beauty and culture of Cuba as well as meeting with various department heads of Cuba’s Aviation Sector regarding overflight authorization, safety, emergency procedures, and overflight routes you might receive.
In addition, we have been invited to visit an aviation museum located outside of Havana which contains the history of flight in Cuba as well as look at many aircraft that have been retired from service.
And to top the trip out, one of our members who is the Consul General of the US Special Interests Department in Cuba (the US Embassy) has invited us to visit the Embassy while in Habana.

Watch for more information and for the trip to open.


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