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BBP Group Trips
Current Trips   Days Status
Sep 20 '14 AOPA Chino Flyin (BBP There) 1 Yes
Oct 31 '14 Expo Palm Springs (BBP there) 3 Yes
Jan 26 '15 CenAm - Mexico Gold '15 10 Open soon
Feb 26 '15 Whales '15  (Loreto) 4 Open soon
Past Trips      
Oct 6 '14 Cuba '14  (Havana)   Closed
May 2, '14 Sun & San Felipe Beach Party 3 Completed
Apr 12 '14 Dogs at Pegasus 1 Completed
Mar 6 '14 Whales 2014 4 Completed
Jan 6, 14 CenAm / Cuba 2014 10 Completed
Oct 13 '13 BBP Post AOPA Trip 5 Completed
Sep 27 '13 Sun & San Felipe Beach Party 3 Completed
Jun 29 '13 Cirrus O & P Migration (Mobile AL) 1 Completed
Apr 19 '13 Serenidad Flyin 3 Completed
Apr 13 '13 Pancakes @ Pegasus 1 Completed
Mar 14 '13 Whales 2013 (Loreto) 4 Completed
Jan 16 '13 CenAm 2013 10 Completed



CenAm 2015, Mexican Gold  

Departs January 26, 2015
Completes Feb 4, 2015
We have decided to simplify this year’s CenAm trip by making it “Mexico Only”.  And by doing this, we have cut back about 3,000 miles of travel as well as 8 or 9 border crossings.
To kick off Mexican Gold, we meet up in the Big Bend county of Texas and the following morning, depart the US landing San Luis Potosi for our first night and then continue on the following day to Tamiun where we will visit Xilitla and the gardens of Las Pozas.
Then, it will be on to Uruapan where we will be going out to Volcano Paracutin as well as have a second day to explore this Magical City.
Then it is off to Guanajuato, another of Mexico’s Magical Cities where life is good.  Traffic is all but eliminated and entry into the city is by water tunnels that have been paved over and serve as roads.
And then we wrap up our trip in Mazatlan at Pat Butler’s Estrella del Mar Resort.  This private resort is located on a private beach just 10 minutes south of the airport and has everything you could desire.
Join Claudia, Jack and other BBP Members for this year’s CenAm.  All it can be and more.
Watch for the trip to open


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